Innovative Services

Our Core Services and Principles

At Synergetic Innovative Solutions we specialize in Software Development, Sales, Training, and Consulting. We are extremely successful in helping companies become more efficient, especially when combined with the use of KeyCreator & XMD. We accomplish this through our training, our evaluation and recommendation on processes and systems, custom programming, and recommendations for improved standardization and consistency.

Our primary focus at Synergetic Innovative Solutions is to ensure that our customers are functioning at the peak of efficiency. This is done by using what we have learned and achieved with our own continuous improvements at Synergetic Eng & Manufacturing Services, one of the most successful product and mold design groups in North America. We are unique in that we offer training, consulting, and software recommendations not as bystanders, but rather based on actual working knowledge and achievements within our own company. Our success is measured only by our customers success. We want to work with you to help cultivate all possible cost and timing improvements today.

Evolution of Our Services

The Synergetic group started as Synergetic Engineering in 2001, a company which continues to grow and remains a leader in the plastics industry as a 3D Mold Design company in North America. Through our constant search for superior quality assurance, return on investment, and optimum efficiency by challenging what is generally accepted, we have trained on, used and evaluated the major mold design products (NX (UG), Catia, Visi, TopSolid, Cimatron, etc.), both at Synergetic, and our previous experiences, even actually devoted to using 4 products to productively design molds each for a minimum 6 months to truly evaluate. Through all our efforts and evaluations though, XMD with KeyCreator is simply faster and the most profitable for our design company. This is actually how we began working with the developers of XMD and KeyCreator more closely. We have been focused as consultants and working to make these products increasingly more accurate, faster, and easier to use. As a result of the relationship that has grown, Synergetic Innovative Solutions is now proud to be the sales and training arm for these incredible products, and eventually purchased the XMD company outright in 2013.


World's Fastest Mold Design Software

At Synergetic we remain receptive to new ideas and are in a constant drive for improvement with our engineering company. We use this knowledge to help our Synergetic Innovative Solutions customer reap these rewards through improvements as well, and we are honored to help every one of them do so.

•     Training – Our established XMD and KeyCreator training programs continue to help all our customers become much more efficient , and simply use the products much more effectively for mold design. Even our customers with senior level experienced users are always surprised at how much further we are able to take them by increasing their output as well as their overall design experience . We customize our programs to the timeline and goals of our customers to minimize any impact , and maximize results.

•     Consulting – All of our management and training staff have extensive experience in CAD and engineering as well as CAM and manufacturing environments. We are very successful in overseeing efficiency programs and best practices within all aspects of design tasks, processes and data management, from the initial development or receipt of data, right through manufacturing to the end product. We work with our customers team to help evaluate and improve their procedures and therefore improving their efficiency, quality, maximum output and profitability.

•     Software Sales – The Synergetic team demonstrates that XMD with KeyCreator is the World’s FASTEST Mold Design Software! We can be involved to help you evaluate all options clearly, without being confused by the differences in technology. We have been through this ourselves and chose the best , and we will help you choose the best too!