Engineering Services That Meet Your Needs

At Synergetic Engineering we specialize in 3D Mold Design & Modeling, Product Design, Part Evaluations/Tooling Feasibility, Gauge & Fixture Design, End of Arm Tooling & Automation Design, and Translating of CAD files. Our services are successfully provided both remotely and on-site.

Our primary focus at Synergetic Engineering is QUALITY. Our secondary focus is to provide a fast service that is complete and above expectations, but that must never come by neglecting quality. Perfection is our goal. We take this to heart and implement this philosophy with enthusiasm and sincerity.

Synergetic Engineering’s main engineering office is located in an area that has been immersed for over half a century with engineers and manufacturers, leaders in the mold industry, with an intense passion for quality. It is on this great foundation that Synergetic Engineering has been built, and we now have multiple satellite offices serving North America as we continue to expand. This has been achieved by providing an exceptional Mold Design service with our extraordinary technical expertise in this industry.

Synergetic Engineering employ’s only the most extraordinary professionals.  We have a wide range of expertise in elaborate tooling with many decades of experience. Our typical tooling capacity allows for dozens of projects at any given time. This helps our customers single source large packages of designs for easy management. Our group works very hard together to provide the best solutions for your team.

At Synergetic Engineering we use the latest available and very powerful workstations. This is important as it allows for better time management devoted to engineering rather than time waiting for a computer to process. This enables us to provide you with a much higher quality service in a faster time frame, leaving you with more time available for manufacturing.

Synergetic Engineering is part of your team. We will be in your facility whenever needed.  This may be to receive a new design line up, or to support you during a design review meeting with your customer or manufacturing department. We have portable workstations and are available to review CAD files on-site in your facility, at your customer’s facility or for a collaborative web based meeting via the internet. Anything you need, we will be there to help.